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Guangdong BGMarble Ceramics Co., Ltd. began on January 1, 2013, one hundred crown jewel as a high-end cutting-edge brand by the group launched a strong. Relying on the Group in the emerging water platform, Zhaoqing Jinli, Sanshui Baizai several major ceramic production base of production advantages. Combined with its own bold innovation, the perfect management of the advantages of down-to-earth adhere to the principle of quality first step by step to open up the market for the development of the brand laid a solid foundation, has won the "Top Ten Chinese Ceramics", "China Ceramics brand" "Recommended Brand of Chinese Green Tiles", "Recommended Brand of China Engineering Tile", "Top Ten Brand of Microcrystalline Stone", "Best Brand of the Year", "Outstanding Product of the Year", "Designer of the Year" and " Top 100 enterprises "and other awards.

Company is located in the world Tao Nan Foshan City, Foshan, 3000 square luxury showroom is located in the countrys most high-end exhibition center, China Ceramics Industry Headquarters base. Products to high-end crown jewel, Yong crystal stone, super flat jade spar, crown stone, diamond, marble, tiles, antique brick, porcelain impression mainly specifications include: 800mmX800mm, 600mmX900mm, 600mmX600mm, 300mmX600mm , 300mmX300mm, 240mmX660mm and so on.

Ceramics Co., Ltd. Everbright Pearl Ceramics has always been fashionable and fashionable products, complete inventory, rich variety of known, is the domestic and foreign merchants as a modern home, hotel shopping malls, government offices, schools and other high-quality material selection of choice.

"Crown hundred products, industry pearl" is our corporate philosophy of uphold the soul. This concept is implemented in the enterprise "people-oriented" personnel management, but also implement the down-to-earth quality first production management; more "win-win" vendor development network maintenance, in order to achieve this concept, we will make unremitting efforts , Strive to upstream, is committed to become the most Competitiveness ceramic industry brand.


No. 68, Jihua West Road, Nanzhuang Town, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China Ceramics Industry Headquarters Base
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